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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boot your business with incentives

          Having a business is one of the hardest jobs especially in today’s economy. There are so many businesses shutting down and having to let their workers go. If your business is surviving and you are looking for extra incentives to boost your business, travel certificates are an excellent choice. For example, if you have just made a new sale or gained a new client, you can use these travel certificates as incentives, allowing your new customer to “spread the news” that your company is giving out major travel incentives. It will not take long for the news to spread and you will have potential clients calling and begging for an appointment.
The travel certificates you can offer your clients include hotel certificates, airfare certificates, cruise certificates and so much more. There has never been an easier way to gain more business through rewards or incentives to offer. You will be able to print certificates for hotel rooms, whether it be for getaways or discounts on business hotel travel. You can also print certificates for airfare. There are several airfare certificates to choose from. You can choose a travel certificate for free companion airfare, which allows your customer to purchase airfare for themselves and receive their companion airfare free of charge. Another great travel certificate is a hotel stay with roundtrip airfare for two. This certificate is a wonderful way to say “thank you” or “good job”. There is also free airfare with purchase of resort accommodations.
Think a cruise certificate is expensive? Not necessarily so. This program offers a variety of cruises that you can purchase a travel certificate for, including 8 day cruises for $55.00 per person and 3 day cruises for $25.00 per person. There are 3 day, 4 day and up to 8 day cruises to choose from. There are also certificates that allow your clients to choose their own cruise from a number of options.
Keep in mind that with all of the travel certificates mentioned, there are restrictions especially with making reservations within a certain time period and booking hotel rooms also within a time frame. When you give a travel certificate, it is just that. You are providing hotel accommodations, airfare or cruise ship accommodations. Any other taxes, meals, port fees, etc. are up to the customer. All in all, this is a wonderful program. Travel certificates are great incentives. You pay just a small monthly fee and you will be able to print unlimited certificates and have the capacity to email travel certificates. You will be able to choose design and artwork and will be able to have your company logo printed on each certificate you print out or email. It is a wonderful new way to do business, and to keep yours growing.

If you are interested in adding incentives to your sales and marketing plan, contact me. Motivation is key in our current economy and everyone is watching their bottom line. Incentives are a great way to add new customers and increase customer satisfaction.

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