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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Team members start here!!

First let me say that we all need to restart our business each month. Not that we have to re qualify, because with our awesome business, we don't have to duplicate our team building efforts each month. But some of the time, we get complacent. Our training website consists of training videos that teach the newbies how to get started day one and make money the first week. It also serves as a refresher course and as a fire starter. If you are new, the first thing after signing up, go to this site and register: Training Site

Most of your questions will be answered here. This site consists one on one videos that can be watched over and over so that you can learn at your pace. You made a decision to build this business for a reason. Now use the tools put forth and let's make it happen. I'm here for you if you need me but let us all do our due diligence and be responsible for our own destiny.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ayanna, what do you do...Really??

So many people have asked me what is Vitel. Here is a short 15 presentation that shows how we are able to have Vitel Wireless pay our monthly bills. I'm still at free phone service level but to have my phone bill paid up to $125 each month has freed up that money to do other things. My boys are getting ready to go back to school and that will be a great help. Take a look below. You cant win if you don't begin!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't be this lady

Yesterday I was working with a woman who told me she really needed a job. She gave me her story about why she needed some income and it was compelling. I've been in her situation before so I was sympathetic. Now before I go on, this lady called me. She sought me out and wanted to be involved in my business. I gave her a task to do in 30 minutes so that I could gauge responsibility levels. Kind of like an interview. After all, in business, you either have business partners or customers and I needed to know right off what I was dealing with. 

I called this young lady back in 30 minutes to see the progress. First off, everyone does not have the mindset to be an entrepreneur. Although it can be taught, not many were born with it. The drive is not there, it needs to be found or "dug up". Most people were raised with the job mindset. Trade time for money. Do X amount of work for X amount of pay. So when I called back, the "just do it" idea was not present. I was presented with, "I don't think this is for me" What? Really? How did you determine this? In 30 minutes? While that was going through my mind, out of my mouth came..Ok let me know if anything changes. At that point I knew that she would be a customer. I didn't get discouraged. Its just on to the next. 

training tip: Do not give up when you hear no. The word No should push you to yes. There are billions of people in this world and a few no's should not stop you. Even if its 100. You can never finish if you don't start.

Ok so you're interested, now what?

Vitel Wireless is my vehicle for growth. Its what allows me to take the focus from the stress of my job and put it towards my family. The stresses of my everyday J.O.B serves (in my mind) as a constant motivation to success in my business. I want the freedom to work on my terms and be able to spend quality time with my family. Determining your why is the first step. By sitting down and really evaluating why you need a change in your financial situation or home life. Determining the problem will help you to come to a solution. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed financially, other things in life become difficult? Example: You just joined this business because you needed something different. The bills are piling up, your phone is ringing off the hook from bill collectors wanting their money and your kids NEED new everything. If you are a single mom like me, this is a very real situation for many. It was me not too long ago. I needed an outlet. I needed some breathing room financially. I was already on a budget but it wasn't enough. I didn't want to get an additional job, I was already away from my family 45-50 hours a week. But I needed to add extra income. This is where Vitel wireless has helped me and my family. It is giving me that breathing room and ability to teach others how to as well. 

Here is an overview of Vitel Wireless. 

Sounds awesome right?? That's what I love about this business! Anyone can do it. If you are ready to join, click here. I will personally train you to success! 

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