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Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 questions to ask your upline before joining them

Choosing a sponsor is an important decision when choosing a MLM Business. Although your sponsor will not determine your success or failure, you can increase the likelihood of your success by your choice of a great sponsor. Here are 10 questions to ask in order to determine if the person you are speaking with is the right person for you to partner with:

1. What are your goals and vision for your business? Although the goals and vision of your sponsor will not determine your success, they can give you some excellent insight as to if the person is serious and can help you understand where they are headed with their business and to see if you fit in with their long-term strategy.

2. How many MLM companies have you worked with? Although there are some serious leaders who have been in several companies, the reality is that if the person has jumped around a lot and has worked with multiple companies at once or has changes companies many times within a few years, you want to be careful. They may not have the commitment to the company they are currently with that you will want in order to create long-term income and stability.

3. What are your current methods of working the business? Although you can easily learn how to work the business using different methods than your sponsor, and you are certainly not expected to do things in the exact same way as your sponsor, the reality is that an ideal partner should have experience with the main methods that you plan to use. For example, if you want to build online but you sign up with someone who has never built online, it will be more difficult for you than if you choose a sponsor who has internet MLM experience.

4. What kind of training do you offer your team? This is something else you want to consider before making your choice. Various teams within various companies offer different kinds of training. Make sure that the training you need will be available when you need it.

5. Are you part time or full time in the industry? While there are many successful part-timers and you do not want to eliminate someone as a potential sponsor just because they are part-time, you want to at least know what there commitment to the business is as well as what kind of time they have available?

6. What is your philosophy for building your business? While the answers to this will vary widely, this is something that you will want to at least be aware of since various philosophies can impact how a particular team within a company works.

7. What systems or tools for recruiting and gaining customers does your team use? For some teams they may have a special online system, while others may have a particular kind of off-line system, others may have a cross between the two or they may provide you with training on how to create your own system. At the minimum, a good MLM sponsor should have some kind of organized system available for you to use.

8. Where do you get most of your MLM training from? This can be useful to know since ideally a large portion of it should come from the company but in many cases, they may also have some recommended trainers from outside of the company.

9. Do you ever stack people in your organization or give leads to your downline? There are both pros and cons to this and the pay plan for the company will have an impact on whether or not this is a common practice within the company. In general too much of this is not a good thing and you should stay clear of any sponsor who promises to give you lots of people or to build your downline for you.

10. How do you see us working together? Regardless of your potential sponsor’s leadership ability, experience in the company and industry and level within the company, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not you think that you can get along with the person. This is crucial since they will be training you and you will be doing business together so at the very least you need to like the person and feel like you can develop a lasting and profitable relationship. 

Of course you will have other questions but was a good starting point for me. Knowing the answers to these questions will give you an idea of what to expect from your upline. Even if you dont ask, I will definately go over these questions in our interview. Partner with me today!


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