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Thursday, October 18, 2012

What do you consider a raise?

Today I was chatting with someone on FaceBook about their new promotion on their job. They were telling me the process of the promotion and how they had to do several interviews, take a test and write an essay. As I was saying congratulations, I asked, was the raise going to be a significant impact on their finances? Her response was something that rocked me to the core. She said, "A little, I'll get $1.30 raise." She then went on to say that that company hadn't paid raises in 4 years. Inside I was crushed. She had to jump through all those hoops just for an extra $1.30/hr.

This is the world that we live in today. The government talks about unemployment rates are high, companies aren't hiring, and people are struggling. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not rich by any means...YET and  do have a heart for people who are in need because I was in that place several times in my life. But each time that I had to struggle, I made a commitment to myself that I would not get back to that place again. I am a single mom with two awesome boys who watch my every move. So its up to me to teach them a better way. Moreover, I've taken on the responsibility to teach other people to learn different. We don't want more because we don't know better. Don't let this be you. This is a vehicle that can open doors that no job can. But you can't just sit back and watch me or the other leaders in this business and "see what happens" because we are doing it. We are changing our finances and others in the process.

 I saw this Ad in the newspaper on Sunday. This is the mindset of the people that has to be changed!!

Company A is hiring for a customer service rep paying $12.00/hr. They offer benefits after 90 days. In order to apply, you must fill out a 3 page application, submit references, resume, and letters of recommendation. They also request that you have at least a two year degree and clean credit. After 90 days, no guarantee of employment as you will begin with a temp agency. This was a real ad posted in Sunday's news paper. The details were given after I called to check on it. The employment process was expected to take several weeks and the position was due to begin in November. At the time of calling, they had already received 200 applications. Now obviously they do not have 200 positions available. Their phone was ringing off the hook and will probably continue to ring.

Now look at the difference my company offers.

  • Looking for someone to start immediately
  • Be your own boss
  • Amazing income opportunity; no limits to income
  • Monthly residual bonuses, weekly fast start bonuses, Additional incentives start day 1. Lifestyle bonuses include cellphone, internet, cable, electric and car expenses paid monthly. 
  • no need to submit resume, letters of recommendation, and college is not required
  • Self paced training for advancement
  • Flexible schedule, work from home or virtually anywhere
Click the picture to review the compensation plan. This is way more than $12/hr

Which would you want try? Someone said, I need benefits like insurance and 401K. With the income potential here, you can buy your own heath insurance and start a Roth IRA and be done. Stop making excuses and divert that energy into something that is going to make you some serious income!

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