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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flipping Bills vs.Flipping Houses

I must admit, the title is strange but the point that I want to convey is simple. Small investment + a little work = elimination of household bills. How?? you ask. I've presented this concept over the last couple of weeks and it now makes sense to a lot of people but still unclear to a few. As I grow in network marketing, I am realizing that I was not putting half of my potential into my business. I admit to being a little lazy and allowing fear and worry to infiltrate my thoughts and take my off focus. I mean that can easily happen when life happens and other priorities get in the way. After watching a training video from my mentor, she opened my eyes to "forward thinking". See we cant do what we don't know and we must do what is strange to most to get what most don't have. 

If you have never heard of flipping houses or don't know what the process entails, here is an article that explains what is needed to make a profit. There is also a show on HGTV that shows the more glamorous side of flipping houses. But for the most part, people purchase a house for "cheap", spend time doing work and upgrading it, and then sell it for a profit. That's a high level overview and precisely the same thing that we are doing in network marketing or any small business for that matter. Yes there is a small investment but what  in life is free? Think of it this way, if you could invest $99 and receive $1275 in return, would you? I mean really think about that answer. Im paying $99 for a product/online business portal, putting in work by sharing my business and what it has to offer and in return, I am receiving incentives in addition to my commissions and pay. Those incentives just happen to be my household bills getting paid.

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