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Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you frustrated? Why?

What is the most frustrating thing about network marketing? Is it handling objections? Is it because its people driven? Is it making time for training and presentations? Is it being told no?  I believe that all network marketers have a problem with objections and being told no. Whether you are new and not sure how to handle the objection or if you are seasoned and know what type of benefit or change your company can provide to that prospect's lifestyle; objections can be a thorn in your side.

Some common objections include: 

  • MLM businesses dont work
  • I dont do sales
  • I'm too busy
  • I dont know enough people
  • I thought it was a pyramid scheme
  • I dont have the money to get started right now

There are more but these are the most common that I'm seeing right now in my primary business. I'm sure you have heard all of these and many more. The key to overcoming these objections is to change the way you prospect.

Stop provoking your prospects!! Stop giving them clues that you have doubts about your products/services. Example:

Prospect: Is this a pyramid scheme?
You: No are you looking for one? If that's what you are looking for I can't help you.

That comment may come off as smart ass but it reverts the subject back to the prospect instead of defending your company. The defense mechanism is messy and can be misconstrued.  Instead, focus on what brought you into this company and expand on that.

Also when prospecting, qualify them. Determine if they are potential customers or team mates. I try and prospect everyone as a customer. I gain their trust by providing them with products and services that they want and need. Then I talk to them about the business opportunity. Everyone, no matter what they say, is looking for a way to make additional money. Even if they are wealthy, additional income is a good thing. If your primary goal is to build a team, then you will have to be more selective. Make a list of what you are looking for in a prospect. That will help you narrow down the tire kickers and your close rate will be higher. The mistake comes when people don't determine the role you want that prospect to play before talking to them. The prospect will see you as desperate and you will see your prospect walk out the door. My list looks something like this...

  • Someone with a great attitude
  • Someone that will be a true leader
  • A people person
  • Someone taht can set and reach goals
  • Someone that is ambitious

If I'm out and talking to people and I catch an eyeroll because I'm "speaking to too many people" that person is not someone I want on my team. I look at everyone as a prospect. It should not make you uncomfortable that I can "work a room"

The qualities that you put on your list should be in line with how you carry yourself. You cant just wing it. Be prepared  and they will see you as a leader and ultimately join you in your business. Remember that people join people!!

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