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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can I borrow $7?

Have you been reading my posts and said to yourself, "I'd like to make some money online but I dont want to invest a lot of money to "try it out". If that's you, here is your chance to shine. I've partnered with a company called the pennymatrix. This is the Ebook of the month club- On STERIODS! Simply put, its an amazing $7 Business with Huge earning potential. Look at it like this...If I asked you to borrow $7 would you give it to me? Most of you would. You would hand me the money then carry on about your life. Most of you wouldn't ask what I was going to do with it. Its not enough to affect you financially, and if it is, you really need to listen closely. But what if I took it and said, Im going to invest this in your name. That takes the pressure off of you. After all, you have already given me the money anyhow so what I do with it is my business. So I take it and invest it with your name on it and follow up with you in 30 days. My statement would be, remember that $7 you gave me a while back? Well it has turned to $77. Where can I send the check? Some times tha'ts how you have to get people involved in what you are doing. If this is a scenario that you would like to try, then pretend that I just asked you for $7. Follow this link and "give it to me and bless yourself in the process".

 Talk soon!! Ayanna

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