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Thursday, January 17, 2013

If you don't have a business, start one today! The tax benefits alone are significant.

Its tax time and a lot of people are sweating. The fact that the government could not come up with an agreement before the end of 2012 put a lot of people in a financial bind. Don't let that be you next year. Although we don't have complete control of the government, we do have control of our households. There are two tax classes in America. Not the rich or poor, its employee vs business owner. The difference is as an employee, their tax debt starts on the first dollar earned. As a business owner, we are able to do business and earn a profit before taxes are due. Small business generates over 70% of the job growth in North America.

This can be done full-time, par-time, or spare time as long as you run your buisness with honest expectation of profit.

So many people are looking to get an extra job instead of looking at the benefits of owning their own business.
Here is an awesome example of why having a job is the wrong decision.

WakeUpNow -- Sandy Botkin shares Tax Secrets of the Wealthy and Home-Based Business Owners

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